Pinacho - symbol of precisionPinacho lathes

Pinacho manual lathes supplied by Direct CNC are defined by their sturdiness, steadiness and accuracy.

The Pinacho range provide high quality, robust, reliable machining capacity within a surprisingly small footprint. Designed in accordance with International Standards, employing proven technology and using best quality materials they require the minimum of maintenance and come with full technical support from our qualified engineering team.

On this page you'll find a series of videos showing the capacity and quality of the Pinacho range of manual flat bed lathes.

The SC series of manual lathes

Pinacho SC series manual lathes supplied by Direct CNC are the perfect replacement for your 'life-expired' Colchester Mascot or Colchester Mastiff lathe. With variable speed headstock, hardened ground gears and hardened ground guide ways, Pinacho's SC manual lathe range is built to deliver and designed to last. Prices start from just £10,650.

We'll also take your Colchester or any other make of manual lathe in part exchange